Bowling for Columbine


God bless Michael Moore. Who else could take on such a touchy subject (Americans and their guns) with as much humor and grace and live to tell about it. If you don’t know much about Michael you better get your progressive act together.

He’s the author of the hilarious must-have book, “Stupid White Men” and the diabolical genius behind “Roger and Me.” And in “Bowling For Columbine” Moore does it once again by taking both a touching and terrifying look at violence in America.

With camera in tow, you’re taken on a journey into the fear that fuels much of our homeland insecurity issues. From the Columbine High security camera tapes to an analysis of U.S. led military violence across the planet, this film grabs you from the very beginning.

But it’s more than just shock value – making the connection between what Big Brother does to keep the nation “secure” and what Billy Buck Schmuck does to his classmates is Moore’s checkmate.Nothing less than brilliant and brutally honest.


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